I like to travel!

I like to travel, that summer, I have thought, what travel really is. Forget the dazed and confused, vaguely remember, travelling, is away from home, go to a strange new place, don’t know what is to completely. Time goes on, however, when I really think the meaning of travel, they immediately feel that really silly lovely. Today, another year summer, now I am standing in this height to see, to think, feel that once thought to travel, is just a tourist. The real travel, emphatically not I think so simple. Travel is the washing and shock of mind, is the finishing and sublimation of thought.
Holding a travel ticket, handwriting has long been blurred, I forget his original where to go, forget at that time, why not go to, also don’t want to think of, maybe, it can be where you go, it doesn’t matter where you go, I really want, just on the road, choose train, sit up and look at the people around, crowded or not; See rapid passing scenery outside the window, whether good or not, because many many scene, you have never seen before, never understanding and attention.
I more than once to go out alone to enjoy the night view of jinan, really is very beautiful, but beauty is too drab, will always be gorgeous neon, bustling crowd, jinan, in is in the heart of the city should be at the same time, lost the share of the peace. See his tall, see his buildings collapse, the world all the good will not exist forever, after all, the hustle and bustle, but that’s just dream.
Stay in one place for a long time, the heart has also been the busy without marginal groggy, always wanted to go out for a walk, but everywhere I go, can’t find I want to share of the peace. So I chose in the road, and the destination this noun, I no longer so important, only the mind on the road, to find the lost that good, why to arrive?
In the morning, face a new round of chaoyang, with a morning bells, I started a day’s journey; In the evening, looking at red sun, smiling harvest day good; At night, watching the sky, the stars gently say to yourself good night, tomorrow, will be a new journey.
Person’s life too much to consider, experience too much too much, the empty into his heart to write a firm “quiet” word, let go of the illusion, sincere to relax, over the years, this life, where time will leave you thinking and rest? How much is your yesterday, and expect to have known a; You today and how many people try every way to don’t come back once.