Perhaps, this is the wonderful life.

Summer, it is the afternoon a cup of light sweet tea, read a vivid and graceful and restrained the psalms.
Through the warmth of spring, tightness, the depression of autumn winter of bitter, is now in the hot summer, just want to gently greetings for this season. In my spare time, in the afternoon, build by laying bricks or stones a cup of sweet tea, into the poems pale, through the smoke, the old for the soul to find a party the pure land, ears to listen to a song QingHuan, or, see the man in the street, watching clouds scud across the sky. Like flowers at that time, like a brook pavilion at sunset. Perhaps, this is the wonderful life.
It is said that the universe such as pot, life such as tea. Holding a lamp that warm, suspensions in the water slowly blooming tea, be self-controlled leaf bud, opening up gradually under the moist of boiling water, like the youth and stretch overnight. Drifting down, curl up with, and sometimes like a boat floating on surface of the cup, and sometimes be beautiful like summer flowers bloom in the bottom of the cup. Life is just so so, can not stand strong changes in temperature, after boiling hot, but in calm, with a push a cup to change after the lonely, a kind of desire language also Sue silence.
The so-called youth, this is a cup of thick fragrant tea, just later, aroma is more and more light.
Make a boiled tea alone, QingJi tea woman, on the bisque snow color tea set, let the chance of incense, dense out a full-bodied light, looking for the quality of life, and read the verve of tea, the product from the tea origin condition. At dusk, in the evening, boil a cup of green tea, live a simple life, to escape the barriers of space and time, from the ancient relics of tang poetry, a different generation XiangBiXuGou bosom friend, wen recollecting silently in the heart.
Stand on the edge of time, ripping up the meter, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Between the world of mortals, walking in the fallen petal ink fragrance between the book of poetry, like “line to water poor place, sit up watching the clouds” of couse, enjoy “winding path leading to a secluded spot place, and spread out HuaMuShen” empty static. So, I respect the ancients YanHui, a express, a ladle drink, do not change it. Envy of nan shan tao yuanming is the son of nanshan, take on Dutch hoe to peace. They hung high spirit in arcadia don’t dye the beautiful branches, cultivate one’s morality raises a gender, feel the natural pure, watched the park toward the open evening xie, apprehend the vicissitudes of life.
When know bodhi tree, under the Buddha, just understand the faint in the city, small forests. Swim in for the heart, a flower leaf is heaven, in the morning, quietly await mae in water, is a beautiful flowers; In the evening, slowly linger on the side of the road, it is a bit carefree nanshan feelings; The moonlight, silly waiting for you in the window, it is a Duan Jin mood for Mr Wen wan, perhaps the so-called peach garden is the place where heart clear.
A cup of tea, a psalms, a kind of understanding, in this summer.