let a person feel relaxed and happy.

Huanglong hole is zhangjiajie’s most famous tourist attractions. According to the guide, from the top to the bottom of the cave is more than 60 meters, covers an area of 100000 square meters, the hole with a hole, behind. From the mouth of the cave in, on, there are two doors, one door of happiness, longevity and a door, a yue “two-door welcome”. Holes have underground river, take a canoe in the past, as if into another fantasy world. Here is like a huge underground museum, on display rare rare in the world. That after ten million crust movement and formation of the pillars of all kinds of curtain, stalactites, stalagmites, stone, wide variety, colorful, let a person too many things to see, such as rockets, such as pillars, such as monkeys, such as the cock, like a goddess of mercy, like an elephant, like a mountain, like a waterfall, the accident of the miracle of nature, can let your imagination to roam. Huanglong hole has two baby, one is the “dragon king throne”, which is a natural cave, which can accommodate 15 people. Another baby is the anchored, 19.2 meters high, like a towering rocket soared to the ceiling. According to experts, this column height 0.1 mm a year, about 200000 long can reach the ceiling. Hole pattern of magma formed when full of crustal movement, the constitutive drew ten million natural rough lines, extremely rich strength and aesthetic feeling, let me to put forward by the theory of ancient calligraphy “cone painted sand” and “WuLouHen” two concepts have a more profound understanding.
The next day we began to swim tianzi mountain and huangshi. Son of heaven mountain is the highest mountain in the zhangjiajie elevation to tujia peasant uprising leader named xiang. Here many stories circulating about the legend of xiang. That day played under light rain, the mountains towering, foggy, added a bit more to the son of heaven mountain of mysterious colour. Interpretation of the peak, such as knife split axe chop. Nature guifushengong, or tear with a bang, or with earthquake in crack, or use the penetration of roots, or rub with wind and rain, or with snow and ice frozen, or with rock cut and polish, form the rows, clusters, clusters as peaks towering columns. The summit, pinglan overlook, such as polyethylene, overlapping peaks clouds float, elegantly wonderful landscape painting. Wuzhishan, YuBi peak, about, strange rocks, with the highest bidders, such as morale, gearing up hammering, with magnificent and spectacular.
Huangshi stretches more than forty, all the way full of poetic. Distant mountains found in the sea of clouds, dense forests, plains, illusory. The rock like couple reunited, like tang’s monk teacher and pupil to obtain buddhist scriptures, some like lots of books, some like double turtle to vomit. Streams, on the bottom, thought contented. I heard there is a state-level protection of animals giant salamander’s hometown. The birds are singing in the forest trees, clear the throat side landscape more quiet. Full fitness pile SLATE beaten road, walk in the tree-lined trail, a few pontoon, laughter, to revel in the beauty bosom of nature, suddenly let a person feel relaxed and happy, I left two.
MaoYanHe drift is one of the most memorable journey. Clear rivers are calm, quiet place, gentle like a girl of be in love. Castle peak relatively, glittering water ripple twinkling, it is as if place oneself in poetry. Fast-flowing waves surging, the world car sped ship in waves, sprint, splash, splash gadites soaking wet, let a person feel one stimulation and satisfaction of the narrowly missed. Here, people can like children a water fight, play games, tore to serious camouflage, forget about official multifarious, reveal the nature of natural, let the mood to relax, relax, release the passion, the delight. People can use the water gun, skeet, with a bottle, who can containers of water, can be used to splashed water to each other, regardless of men, and women are so freely laugh and laughter, the melting of yunnan in the beautiful lakes and mountains.