The bottom of my heart is entangled with the “lower“.

I believe many people, in love, very anxious to take each other into his body, of the same flesh and blood. We thought that is love.
The overflow with sweet nothings, the pledge of eternal love commitment, no matter how beautiful, how beautiful, how literature and art, all is not worth the money.
It is just a temporary pleasure to our body and mind. Really is only temporary.
Began to how strong, ending will be how quickly. Because, always easy to emotional mind fever.
When one day calm down, only to find that many not appropriate, then began to alienate, inexplicable to leave.
In the end, is only a memory of a small piece of debris.
Respectively after you talk to all the people said: it doesn’t matter I to do with the goods early.
The bottom of my heart is waiting for somebody else’s response: but how? It seems he still care about you.
You write down a long in space such as “after tomorrow, to wave. Little, their chang.” Sentences, to show you how free and easy.
The bottom of my heart is entangled with the “lower, more efforts will not forget.”
Is no good relationship miss, the miss is, however, that time, that is willing to for the sake of his desperate themselves, most put not low, is not in the heart and feel lonely.
That relationship has nothing to lose, because what has never really had, commitment and love word, but is a wisp of smoke.
Really lost, only the heart of enron and calmly.
Most of the time, we exaggerate their persistence to the love and passion.
But in fact, the true love, need not deliberately to forget, to remember. It exists in our life, just in order to enrich the memory.

Next media animation is Taiwanese animation studio.

Free wireless Internet access
Since 2011, the residents of the island can log in Taiwan (iTaiwan) network wisdom, enjoy free wireless Internet access. Taiwan is also the first to provide one of the wide coverage of wireless Internet business. Since June 2013, the business is a promotion to the island’s 4, 5 a tourist populated city, provides 4400 hot spot for tourists. Visitors can under the Taiwan tourism bureau office in each big traffic transit stations with passport to open an account, can be in Taipei, new Taipei, taichung, tainan four cities enjoy free Internet access business.
Chinese traditional antique culture
In China, the largest collection of ancient cultural relics and ancient art museum is not in Beijing, is not in Shanghai, but the national Palace Museum in Taipei. Collect as many as 650000 pieces of here. These bronze, jade carving, lacquer, etc all reflect the Chinese long culture, and most of art from the royal collection. Though national museum expansion several times, only a handful of ancient cultural relics in the exhibition, exhibition every time only to show the 1000 works of art. So a few times a year on display are particularly valuable.
Animated news
Next media animation is Taiwanese animation studio, the team a total of 400 animators, any news can be made into 90 minutes in length animated cartoon. And these animations are full of irony, funny, emotional intensity. In 2009, the company issued according to the adaptation of Tiger Woods’s infamous crash “what might happen” animation story. In animation, the woods early Irene, watching after woods’ affaires wielding a golf club after tiger’s car. Next media team also made a lot of good work. Such as Kim jong UN’s uncle’s stories such as the execution.
Mock meat
Taiwan is one of the world pursues outstanding areas of vegetarianism. The Taiwan island is about more than 6000 restaurants offer a variety of vegetarian diet. Although vegetarian diet the number and variety of less than India, Taiwan can fully meet the meat you relieve desire but don’t touch the meat. The traditional Chinese diet exquisite fresh. Taiwan’s meat production from soybean and grain is made and become, fresh flavor, real ones. And with the hope for making meat taste also close to the real meat.
The young baseball league
The popularity of baseball in Taiwan like diamonds for the islanders like dumplings. Taiwan has maintained a young baseball league champion most records, almost more than twice as much as Japan. In 2013, Taiwan win as the primary minor league baseball world series title in 2013.

World’s longest coral reefs.

One the biggest in the world’s longest coral reefs, it is famous of the Great Barrier Reef. It through the winding on the east coast of Australia, total length of 2011 km, 161 km at its widest point. Most away from the coast, 241 kilometers south, north is only 16 kilometers off the coast. At low tide, part of the coral reefs form coral island above the water.
The Cape of good hope, Cape Town
Tour to South Africa must not miss the opportunity to visit the cape of good hope to Africa tip. The cape of good hope Cape Town about 60 kilometers, is the confluence of the Atlantic ocean and the Indian Ocean. In fact, the cape of good hope is a prominent hill cape, in the past, known as the storm Angle, because of the bad weather here, many former ship in distress here. But after shipping in the Indian Ocean routes, heard that the king of Portugal, and then put her name to the cape of good hope, because on the corner, overlooking the Atlantic ocean and the magnificent scenery of the Indian Ocean.
Las Vegas – Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a magical artificialization city. When gradually close to the city along the highway no. 15, the eyes of anyone will be the glittering neon and attracted to kind of luxury resort hotel, even in a completely out of daily life get lost in the dreamland. Here is the world’s entertainment center, all cities are designed to enjoy the pleasure.