Bishara also came to believe that the Christian community .

Nassar’s sister, Amal, has a different explanation. The government, together with the Israeli settlers who live around the farm, is “trying to push us to violence or push us to leave,” she says. Amal insists that her family will not move from the land, nor will they abandon their commitment to peaceful resistance.

“Nobody can force us to hate,” she says. “We refuse to be enemies.”

That phrase, which is painted on a stone at the entrance to the farm, was first used by her father, Bishara Nassar. Long before the concept became widely known among Palestinians, he taught his children a theory of non-violence that was rooted in his own Christian beliefs.

Bishara (“Gospel”) Nassar was a child when his father bought this land in 1916. Even at that time, as World War One transformed the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire limped to an end, Palestinian Christians were beginning to emigrate. After the war of 1948 the Christian exodus from the West Bank quickened, and Bishara, who was a gifted preacher and accordionist, began to travel round the nearby villages, singing songs and leading Bible study in family homes. Music and stories, he thought, might deepen the faith and lift the spirits of Bethlehem’s Christian children, encouraging them to stay.

Bishara also came to believe that the Christian community had a special role to play in building a more peaceful future.
Bishara Nassar

“My father always said, ‘We will never achieve peace in Palestine and Israel just by shaking hands – we need to work on people, to start with the grassroots’,” says Amal Nassar. “So what we do now, as a family, is fulfilling the dream of my father that people can build bridges, for hope, for understanding, reconciliation, dialogue, to achieve peace. This is the idea.”

Guided by that vision, she and her brothers have transformed the farm into a centre for peace-building and non-violent resistance called the Tent of Nations.

For more than 20 years they have held workshops here, welcoming Israeli students, rabbis, and peace activists, as well as groups from across Europe and America. They run summer camps for local schools, teaching Palestinian children about non-violence and encouraging them to develop a love for the land by working and playing on the farm. This is especially important, says Amal Nassar, for a generation that has grown up in the refugee camps and urban sprawl behind Israel’s separation barrier. She also trains Palestinian women in non-violence, while her mother – Bishara’s widow, Milada – cooks traditional food for the day’s guests.

Youth are always so, with pain!

Youth are always so, with pain, remains. Emotion is always invisible, along with miss, but out of reach. Time will tell, a simple love, the most long-term; The existence of ordinary, the most reassuring; Silent company, the most warm.
People live a life time, emotional at the same time, always little not rational restraint. So, don’t move, you must confessions; Not to miss, be sure to call; Not like, you must love. There are too many good things in life, is not suitable for, only suitable for hidden in the heart.
Maybe, everyone’s heart will have so a person. Have not lovers, also become a friend. Times have changed, also do not like it or not. But tend to think of. Then the mind vie. Sometimes, you can choose keep distance with someone, but it is not because don’t care, but care about at the same time, as you know, he does not belong to you, you also can’t belong to him.
Life is like a long journey. Always a person, a way, all the way to run, review all the way. The scenery along the way, may you gaze at the moment, in the heart all the frames into the picture. But you never want to draw in the landscape, transformed into this life unchanged forever. How many people come and go in our life, how much heart of wen wan to warm and cool. Like the spring of staff to the cycle of replacement, always to the invisible, silent.
Slowly, we finally know. Sincere, is not necessarily can return true; Care about, also not necessarily can return. Longitudinal is tenderness still yesterday, but today’s stranger hydrophobic. Life’s ups and downs, there is always some feelings, need quiet aftertaste; There is always some lonely, need to feel alone; There will always be a way, also need a person walk alone; There will be some more things, we need to confront.
Perhaps, only cool, can only be quiet wheatgrass years; Only fate can only be relieved sad emotion. BaiShang world of mortals, numerous, we place oneself among them, but through a grain. Can’t tell you who is who, who distinguishes the unknown who is your. In the end, who is not who’s who. Is so, why some people, some things look so important.
And fate, gain and loss at random. Embrace life every time the baptism, silent. Embrace sunshine, also include the rain. On the journey of life, and song and line, and line and cherish it.