The bottom of my heart is entangled with the “lower“.

I believe many people, in love, very anxious to take each other into his body, of the same flesh and blood. We thought that is love.
The overflow with sweet nothings, the pledge of eternal love commitment, no matter how beautiful, how beautiful, how literature and art, all is not worth the money.
It is just a temporary pleasure to our body and mind. Really is only temporary.
Began to how strong, ending will be how quickly. Because, always easy to emotional mind fever.
When one day calm down, only to find that many not appropriate, then began to alienate, inexplicable to leave.
In the end, is only a memory of a small piece of debris.
Respectively after you talk to all the people said: it doesn’t matter I to do with the goods early.
The bottom of my heart is waiting for somebody else’s response: but how? It seems he still care about you.
You write down a long in space such as “after tomorrow, to wave. Little, their chang.” Sentences, to show you how free and easy.
The bottom of my heart is entangled with the “lower, more efforts will not forget.”
Is no good relationship miss, the miss is, however, that time, that is willing to for the sake of his desperate themselves, most put not low, is not in the heart and feel lonely.
That relationship has nothing to lose, because what has never really had, commitment and love word, but is a wisp of smoke.
Really lost, only the heart of enron and calmly.
Most of the time, we exaggerate their persistence to the love and passion.
But in fact, the true love, need not deliberately to forget, to remember. It exists in our life, just in order to enrich the memory.