Whale is a concept aircraft from Spanish

The giant, double-decker plane can seat between 500 and 850 people, depending on how much space is given to space-saving economy class, and how much goes to higher-paying passengers with all that extra leg room. It’s an aviation giant, the biggest passenger-carrying aircraft ever to fly the skies.

But the A380 could be become small fry if another, even more outsized design takes to the skies.

The AWWA Sky Whale is a concept aircraft from Spanish designer Oscar Vinals. With three decks for passengers, it looks like a cross between a tropical fish and a sci-fi space shuttle. Does this huge design herald the future of air travel?

Bigger means better in the world of airliners; the dawn of the jet age brought in the likes of the Boeing 707, an aircraft capable of carrying more passengers quicker and faster than any propeller-driven design. In the ensuing decades, airliners have grown larger and larger. The advent of “jumbo” designs, characterised by Boeing’s 747, meant more passengers per flight, and therefore cheaper seats.

The plane would have swivelling engines for shorter take offs

“Travelling in the Sky Whale could be like a travelling in your private ‘theatre seat’, enjoying what happens around you; hearing some air flow noise, but feeling safe inside a big and intelligent structure,” Vinals says.

The design would use advanced technologies such as self-repairing wings, swiveling engines to enable a near vertical take-off, and hybrid propulsion.

“The engines and batteries are fed by a turbine inside the wings, like a high-speed and powerful dynamo,” says Vinals.

The design also calls for a system to redirect air flow to intake engines and to control laminar flow – in other words, to reduce turbulence around the plane and reduce drag.

None of these technologies are feasible on a large scale at the moment, but all are possible, says Vinals.

“I did this because I am an aerospace and aviation enthusiast – the technology, development and evolution,” he explains. “I would like to contribute, with my vision, about these.”

Perhaps that vision from someone outside the aerospace industry, without preconceptions, is what is needed to revolutionise plane design. Vinals told me he did “years” and “terabytes” of research. It’s an approach that some in the field appreciate.

Bishara also came to believe that the Christian community .

Nassar’s sister, Amal, has a different explanation. The government, together with the Israeli settlers who live around the farm, is “trying to push us to violence or push us to leave,” she says. Amal insists that her family will not move from the land, nor will they abandon their commitment to peaceful resistance.

“Nobody can force us to hate,” she says. “We refuse to be enemies.”

That phrase, which is painted on a stone at the entrance to the farm, was first used by her father, Bishara Nassar. Long before the concept became widely known among Palestinians, he taught his children a theory of non-violence that was rooted in his own Christian beliefs.

Bishara (“Gospel”) Nassar was a child when his father bought this land in 1916. Even at that time, as World War One transformed the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire limped to an end, Palestinian Christians were beginning to emigrate. After the war of 1948 the Christian exodus from the West Bank quickened, and Bishara, who was a gifted preacher and accordionist, began to travel round the nearby villages, singing songs and leading Bible study in family homes. Music and stories, he thought, might deepen the faith and lift the spirits of Bethlehem’s Christian children, encouraging them to stay.

Bishara also came to believe that the Christian community had a special role to play in building a more peaceful future.
Bishara Nassar

“My father always said, ‘We will never achieve peace in Palestine and Israel just by shaking hands – we need to work on people, to start with the grassroots’,” says Amal Nassar. “So what we do now, as a family, is fulfilling the dream of my father that people can build bridges, for hope, for understanding, reconciliation, dialogue, to achieve peace. This is the idea.”

Guided by that vision, she and her brothers have transformed the farm into a centre for peace-building and non-violent resistance called the Tent of Nations.

For more than 20 years they have held workshops here, welcoming Israeli students, rabbis, and peace activists, as well as groups from across Europe and America. They run summer camps for local schools, teaching Palestinian children about non-violence and encouraging them to develop a love for the land by working and playing on the farm. This is especially important, says Amal Nassar, for a generation that has grown up in the refugee camps and urban sprawl behind Israel’s separation barrier. She also trains Palestinian women in non-violence, while her mother – Bishara’s widow, Milada – cooks traditional food for the day’s guests.

Perhaps, this is the wonderful life.

Summer, it is the afternoon a cup of light sweet tea, read a vivid and graceful and restrained the psalms.
Through the warmth of spring, tightness, the depression of autumn winter of bitter, is now in the hot summer, just want to gently greetings for this season. In my spare time, in the afternoon, build by laying bricks or stones a cup of sweet tea, into the poems pale, through the smoke, the old for the soul to find a party the pure land, ears to listen to a song QingHuan, or, see the man in the street, watching clouds scud across the sky. Like flowers at that time, like a brook pavilion at sunset. Perhaps, this is the wonderful life.
It is said that the universe such as pot, life such as tea. Holding a lamp that warm, suspensions in the water slowly blooming tea, be self-controlled leaf bud, opening up gradually under the moist of boiling water, like the youth and stretch overnight. Drifting down, curl up with, and sometimes like a boat floating on surface of the cup, and sometimes be beautiful like summer flowers bloom in the bottom of the cup. Life is just so so, can not stand strong changes in temperature, after boiling hot, but in calm, with a push a cup to change after the lonely, a kind of desire language also Sue silence.
The so-called youth, this is a cup of thick fragrant tea, just later, aroma is more and more light.
Make a boiled tea alone, QingJi tea woman, on the bisque snow color tea set, let the chance of incense, dense out a full-bodied light, looking for the quality of life, and read the verve of tea, the product from the tea origin condition. At dusk, in the evening, boil a cup of green tea, live a simple life, to escape the barriers of space and time, from the ancient relics of tang poetry, a different generation XiangBiXuGou bosom friend, wen recollecting silently in the heart.
Stand on the edge of time, ripping up the meter, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Between the world of mortals, walking in the fallen petal ink fragrance between the book of poetry, like “line to water poor place, sit up watching the clouds” of couse, enjoy “winding path leading to a secluded spot place, and spread out HuaMuShen” empty static. So, I respect the ancients YanHui, a express, a ladle drink, do not change it. Envy of nan shan tao yuanming is the son of nanshan, take on Dutch hoe to peace. They hung high spirit in arcadia don’t dye the beautiful branches, cultivate one’s morality raises a gender, feel the natural pure, watched the park toward the open evening xie, apprehend the vicissitudes of life.
When know bodhi tree, under the Buddha, just understand the faint in the city, small forests. Swim in for the heart, a flower leaf is heaven, in the morning, quietly await mae in water, is a beautiful flowers; In the evening, slowly linger on the side of the road, it is a bit carefree nanshan feelings; The moonlight, silly waiting for you in the window, it is a Duan Jin mood for Mr Wen wan, perhaps the so-called peach garden is the place where heart clear.
A cup of tea, a psalms, a kind of understanding, in this summer.

Youth are always so, with pain!

Youth are always so, with pain, remains. Emotion is always invisible, along with miss, but out of reach. Time will tell, a simple love, the most long-term; The existence of ordinary, the most reassuring; Silent company, the most warm.
People live a life time, emotional at the same time, always little not rational restraint. So, don’t move, you must confessions; Not to miss, be sure to call; Not like, you must love. There are too many good things in life, is not suitable for, only suitable for hidden in the heart.
Maybe, everyone’s heart will have so a person. Have not lovers, also become a friend. Times have changed, also do not like it or not. But tend to think of. Then the mind vie. Sometimes, you can choose keep distance with someone, but it is not because don’t care, but care about at the same time, as you know, he does not belong to you, you also can’t belong to him.
Life is like a long journey. Always a person, a way, all the way to run, review all the way. The scenery along the way, may you gaze at the moment, in the heart all the frames into the picture. But you never want to draw in the landscape, transformed into this life unchanged forever. How many people come and go in our life, how much heart of wen wan to warm and cool. Like the spring of staff to the cycle of replacement, always to the invisible, silent.
Slowly, we finally know. Sincere, is not necessarily can return true; Care about, also not necessarily can return. Longitudinal is tenderness still yesterday, but today’s stranger hydrophobic. Life’s ups and downs, there is always some feelings, need quiet aftertaste; There is always some lonely, need to feel alone; There will always be a way, also need a person walk alone; There will be some more things, we need to confront.
Perhaps, only cool, can only be quiet wheatgrass years; Only fate can only be relieved sad emotion. BaiShang world of mortals, numerous, we place oneself among them, but through a grain. Can’t tell you who is who, who distinguishes the unknown who is your. In the end, who is not who’s who. Is so, why some people, some things look so important.
And fate, gain and loss at random. Embrace life every time the baptism, silent. Embrace sunshine, also include the rain. On the journey of life, and song and line, and line and cherish it.

let a person feel relaxed and happy.

Huanglong hole is zhangjiajie’s most famous tourist attractions. According to the guide, from the top to the bottom of the cave is more than 60 meters, covers an area of 100000 square meters, the hole with a hole, behind. From the mouth of the cave in, on, there are two doors, one door of happiness, longevity and a door, a yue “two-door welcome”. Holes have underground river, take a canoe in the past, as if into another fantasy world. Here is like a huge underground museum, on display rare rare in the world. That after ten million crust movement and formation of the pillars of all kinds of curtain, stalactites, stalagmites, stone, wide variety, colorful, let a person too many things to see, such as rockets, such as pillars, such as monkeys, such as the cock, like a goddess of mercy, like an elephant, like a mountain, like a waterfall, the accident of the miracle of nature, can let your imagination to roam. Huanglong hole has two baby, one is the “dragon king throne”, which is a natural cave, which can accommodate 15 people. Another baby is the anchored, 19.2 meters high, like a towering rocket soared to the ceiling. According to experts, this column height 0.1 mm a year, about 200000 long can reach the ceiling. Hole pattern of magma formed when full of crustal movement, the constitutive drew ten million natural rough lines, extremely rich strength and aesthetic feeling, let me to put forward by the theory of ancient calligraphy “cone painted sand” and “WuLouHen” two concepts have a more profound understanding.
The next day we began to swim tianzi mountain and huangshi. Son of heaven mountain is the highest mountain in the zhangjiajie elevation to tujia peasant uprising leader named xiang. Here many stories circulating about the legend of xiang. That day played under light rain, the mountains towering, foggy, added a bit more to the son of heaven mountain of mysterious colour. Interpretation of the peak, such as knife split axe chop. Nature guifushengong, or tear with a bang, or with earthquake in crack, or use the penetration of roots, or rub with wind and rain, or with snow and ice frozen, or with rock cut and polish, form the rows, clusters, clusters as peaks towering columns. The summit, pinglan overlook, such as polyethylene, overlapping peaks clouds float, elegantly wonderful landscape painting. Wuzhishan, YuBi peak, about, strange rocks, with the highest bidders, such as morale, gearing up hammering, with magnificent and spectacular.
Huangshi stretches more than forty, all the way full of poetic. Distant mountains found in the sea of clouds, dense forests, plains, illusory. The rock like couple reunited, like tang’s monk teacher and pupil to obtain buddhist scriptures, some like lots of books, some like double turtle to vomit. Streams, on the bottom, thought contented. I heard there is a state-level protection of animals giant salamander’s hometown. The birds are singing in the forest trees, clear the throat side landscape more quiet. Full fitness pile SLATE beaten road, walk in the tree-lined trail, a few pontoon, laughter, to revel in the beauty bosom of nature, suddenly let a person feel relaxed and happy, I left two.
MaoYanHe drift is one of the most memorable journey. Clear rivers are calm, quiet place, gentle like a girl of be in love. Castle peak relatively, glittering water ripple twinkling, it is as if place oneself in poetry. Fast-flowing waves surging, the world car sped ship in waves, sprint, splash, splash gadites soaking wet, let a person feel one stimulation and satisfaction of the narrowly missed. Here, people can like children a water fight, play games, tore to serious camouflage, forget about official multifarious, reveal the nature of natural, let the mood to relax, relax, release the passion, the delight. People can use the water gun, skeet, with a bottle, who can containers of water, can be used to splashed water to each other, regardless of men, and women are so freely laugh and laughter, the melting of yunnan in the beautiful lakes and mountains.

we return to the Moon or go onto Mars?

You are one of only seven people who have been isolated, in orbit around the Moon [the others are the command module pilots of Apollo 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 and 17 and only Apollo 15, 16 and 17 pilots spent three days alone in lunar orbit]. Are there lessons that astronauts in the future can learn, if and when we return to the Moon or go onto Mars?

I think there probably are, although we all had different experiences. The lesson I got was don’t get too friendly with your crew. With the long periods of time you spend with the other two, I found that I was more tuned to doing the job I had to do than I was with interfacing with them. We really worked well together professionally but we were not particularly great friends and I think that was a benefit.

How does that work then? It’s hardly a nine to five job when you can go home at the end of the today, away from your work colleagues?

That’s why you need to maintain a distance between people. If you get to a point in a flight where it’s time to take a rest, not do anything for a while, you need to be comfortable that you can enjoy the solitude without having to feel you have to talk to everybody.

I guess we all expect you to be chums, are you saying that’s not necessarily the case?

Apollo 12 they were always buddies – Pete Conrad treated his crew like brothers. If you saw one, you saw all three because they were always together. We were the opposite of that, we trained together but we didn’t socialise a lot together and I think that made us a more effective crew.

Your colleagues Dave Scott and Jim Irwin left footprints on the Moon – which will be there for millions of years. Will you have left anything behind as a memorial to your mission? Your urine maybe?

The bottom of my heart is entangled with the “lower“.

I believe many people, in love, very anxious to take each other into his body, of the same flesh and blood. We thought that is love.
The overflow with sweet nothings, the pledge of eternal love commitment, no matter how beautiful, how beautiful, how literature and art, all is not worth the money.
It is just a temporary pleasure to our body and mind. Really is only temporary.
Began to how strong, ending will be how quickly. Because, always easy to emotional mind fever.
When one day calm down, only to find that many not appropriate, then began to alienate, inexplicable to leave.
In the end, is only a memory of a small piece of debris.
Respectively after you talk to all the people said: it doesn’t matter I to do with the goods early.
The bottom of my heart is waiting for somebody else’s response: but how? It seems he still care about you.
You write down a long in space such as “after tomorrow, to wave. Little, their chang.” Sentences, to show you how free and easy.
The bottom of my heart is entangled with the “lower, more efforts will not forget.”
Is no good relationship miss, the miss is, however, that time, that is willing to for the sake of his desperate themselves, most put not low, is not in the heart and feel lonely.
That relationship has nothing to lose, because what has never really had, commitment and love word, but is a wisp of smoke.
Really lost, only the heart of enron and calmly.
Most of the time, we exaggerate their persistence to the love and passion.
But in fact, the true love, need not deliberately to forget, to remember. It exists in our life, just in order to enrich the memory.

Next media animation is Taiwanese animation studio.

Free wireless Internet access
Since 2011, the residents of the island can log in Taiwan (iTaiwan) network wisdom, enjoy free wireless Internet access. Taiwan is also the first to provide one of the wide coverage of wireless Internet business. Since June 2013, the business is a promotion to the island’s 4, 5 a tourist populated city, provides 4400 hot spot for tourists. Visitors can under the Taiwan tourism bureau office in each big traffic transit stations with passport to open an account, can be in Taipei, new Taipei, taichung, tainan four cities enjoy free Internet access business.
Chinese traditional antique culture
In China, the largest collection of ancient cultural relics and ancient art museum is not in Beijing, is not in Shanghai, but the national Palace Museum in Taipei. Collect as many as 650000 pieces of here. These bronze, jade carving, lacquer, etc all reflect the Chinese long culture, and most of art from the royal collection. Though national museum expansion several times, only a handful of ancient cultural relics in the exhibition, exhibition every time only to show the 1000 works of art. So a few times a year on display are particularly valuable.
Animated news
Next media animation is Taiwanese animation studio, the team a total of 400 animators, any news can be made into 90 minutes in length animated cartoon. And these animations are full of irony, funny, emotional intensity. In 2009, the company issued according to the adaptation of Tiger Woods’s infamous crash “what might happen” animation story. In animation, the woods early Irene, watching after woods’ affaires wielding a golf club after tiger’s car. Next media team also made a lot of good work. Such as Kim jong UN’s uncle’s stories such as the execution.
Mock meat
Taiwan is one of the world pursues outstanding areas of vegetarianism. The Taiwan island is about more than 6000 restaurants offer a variety of vegetarian diet. Although vegetarian diet the number and variety of less than India, Taiwan can fully meet the meat you relieve desire but don’t touch the meat. The traditional Chinese diet exquisite fresh. Taiwan’s meat production from soybean and grain is made and become, fresh flavor, real ones. And with the hope for making meat taste also close to the real meat.
The young baseball league
The popularity of baseball in Taiwan like diamonds for the islanders like dumplings. Taiwan has maintained a young baseball league champion most records, almost more than twice as much as Japan. In 2013, Taiwan win as the primary minor league baseball world series title in 2013.

World’s longest coral reefs.

One the biggest in the world’s longest coral reefs, it is famous of the Great Barrier Reef. It through the winding on the east coast of Australia, total length of 2011 km, 161 km at its widest point. Most away from the coast, 241 kilometers south, north is only 16 kilometers off the coast. At low tide, part of the coral reefs form coral island above the water.
The Cape of good hope, Cape Town
Tour to South Africa must not miss the opportunity to visit the cape of good hope to Africa tip. The cape of good hope Cape Town about 60 kilometers, is the confluence of the Atlantic ocean and the Indian Ocean. In fact, the cape of good hope is a prominent hill cape, in the past, known as the storm Angle, because of the bad weather here, many former ship in distress here. But after shipping in the Indian Ocean routes, heard that the king of Portugal, and then put her name to the cape of good hope, because on the corner, overlooking the Atlantic ocean and the magnificent scenery of the Indian Ocean.
Las Vegas – Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a magical artificialization city. When gradually close to the city along the highway no. 15, the eyes of anyone will be the glittering neon and attracted to kind of luxury resort hotel, even in a completely out of daily life get lost in the dreamland. Here is the world’s entertainment center, all cities are designed to enjoy the pleasure.

I like to travel!

I like to travel, that summer, I have thought, what travel really is. Forget the dazed and confused, vaguely remember, travelling, is away from home, go to a strange new place, don’t know what is to completely. Time goes on, however, when I really think the meaning of travel, they immediately feel that really silly lovely. Today, another year summer, now I am standing in this height to see, to think, feel that once thought to travel, is just a tourist. The real travel, emphatically not I think so simple. Travel is the washing and shock of mind, is the finishing and sublimation of thought.
Holding a travel ticket, handwriting has long been blurred, I forget his original where to go, forget at that time, why not go to, also don’t want to think of, maybe, it can be where you go, it doesn’t matter where you go, I really want, just on the road, choose train, sit up and look at the people around, crowded or not; See rapid passing scenery outside the window, whether good or not, because many many scene, you have never seen before, never understanding and attention.
I more than once to go out alone to enjoy the night view of jinan, really is very beautiful, but beauty is too drab, will always be gorgeous neon, bustling crowd, jinan, in is in the heart of the city should be at the same time, lost the share of the peace. See his tall, see his buildings collapse, the world all the good will not exist forever, after all, the hustle and bustle, but that’s just dream.
Stay in one place for a long time, the heart has also been the busy without marginal groggy, always wanted to go out for a walk, but everywhere I go, can’t find I want to share of the peace. So I chose in the road, and the destination this noun, I no longer so important, only the mind on the road, to find the lost that good, why to arrive?
In the morning, face a new round of chaoyang, with a morning bells, I started a day’s journey; In the evening, looking at red sun, smiling harvest day good; At night, watching the sky, the stars gently say to yourself good night, tomorrow, will be a new journey.
Person’s life too much to consider, experience too much too much, the empty into his heart to write a firm “quiet” word, let go of the illusion, sincere to relax, over the years, this life, where time will leave you thinking and rest? How much is your yesterday, and expect to have known a; You today and how many people try every way to don’t come back once.